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Ken Darby January 11, 2022

The fifth element of innovation fundamentals is to recognize incremental versus breakthrough innovation. You will explore this element using the Innovation Spectrum, which breaks innovation ideas into three categories: incremental, next generation, and breakthrough. You will investigate why the Innovation Spectrum is so important and explore how to manage resources in ways that balance your current business with a realistic number of innovation initiatives. Your ultimate goal is to move away from what everyone else is doing to establish yourself as an innovation leader. 

It is possible for any company to engage in transformational innovation and do something that is truly breakthrough. 

Course Workbook:

You will find the Innovation Spectrum in your workbook on page 13. After watching the video lesson, please complete the Innovation Spectrum Exercise on page 14. Pick one to three of your ideas and map them on the spectrum.

Watch the video:

Key takeaways:

  • The innovation spectrum is a tool that helps you differentiate innovation ideas. 
  • Capitalize on hidden assets. Every company has hidden assets. 
  • Start small and think big!
  • Incremental innovation is generally the best place to start, however if incremental is the only innovation you ever do, you will likely not keep up with the changing market dynamics in your industry.
  • Build a repeatable innovation system.  
  • Get your senior leadership in the innovation mindset.

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