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PG&E TAP LMS Community

Take your learning to the next level by accessing a wider community of business owners.

The PG&E TAP LMS Community is a free resource for PG&E TAP LMS learners, where you can exchange ideas, share experiences, and continue to learn from other business owners and experts. You can also participate in groups and events that will help you evaluate and improve all aspects of your business, from capacity and process to strategy and scale.

To join the Community, simply enroll in a PG&E TAP LMS course and an invitation to the Community will be sent to you via email. From there, it is up to you—leverage the power of the PG&E’s TAP and its network of colleagues, businesses, and experts to turn your business’ potential into results.

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Join the Community Today!

Start exploring, learning, and networking now! Click Enroll Now to access the complete PG&E TAP LMS course list and enroll in your first course to get started. From there, you will receive an email inviting you to the community; just follow the instructions to join and start connecting.

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