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Organizational Risk Assessment Copy

The first section of your COVID-19 prevention plan (CPP) is the returntowork organizational risk assessment. This section will document and identify your corporate hazards. Are you going to bring your employees back to your worksite based on health orders, vaccine availability, or community positivity rates? 

Assessments in this lesson will help you determine your risk based on how and when your employees will be returning to work. In addition to operational risk assessment, we will also look at workforce availability, surveying employees to determine their risk, staff rotations, facility, and workstation assessments. 

First, watch this video to learn more about organizational risk assessment. Then, open your workbook to complete the specific assessments for this lesson. You will then use the reviews to write your plan. 

Watch the video:

Key takeaways:

  • The first section of your CPP will document your organization’s return-to-work guidelines based on the risk assessments. 
  • You will find assessments in your workbook, including your business’s operational risk, facility risk, workstation risk, workforce availability, team rotation strategy, and a pro tip on transporting employees.


Course workbook: Please open your workbook and complete all the assessments from pages 5–11. 

  1. returntowork organizational risk assessment: p. 5
  2. business operational risk assessment: p. 6
  3. facility and workstation risk assessment: p. 7
  4. workforce availability assessment: p. 8
  5. team rotation strategy to reduce risk: p. 9
  6. transportation to/from the workplace: p. 10
  7. visitors: p. 11

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