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Module 3 Overview Copy

Welcome to Module 3. This course is designed to provide you step-by-step guidance to build your COVID-19 prevention plan. Did you know COVID-19 is now considered a widespread work hazard? In this video, you will learn what to expect from this course. We will start with the challenges of pandemics, discuss work hazards, and how to identify them at your workplace, how to conduct health assessments, and review returntowork requirements. We will cover topics to answer your questions on post-cleaning and disinfection practices and what to do in the event of a COVID-19 exposure at your workplace. 

Your course instructor and industry expert, Pamela Isom, will share details on the course topics in this lesson’s video.

Watch the video:

Key takeaways:

During this course, you will learn how to create, implement, and maintain your COVID-19 prevention plan (CPP) required by Cal/OSHA. The course will cover the following topics:

  • background on pandemics and how bloodborne and respiratory pathogens are transmitted
  • identifying COVID-19 hazards in the workplace
  • how to conduct exposure risk and health assessments
  • identifying secondary health screening questions
  • reviewing returntowork guidelines and what you should include in your plan
  • exploring requirements for face coverings, social distancing, and signage
  • discussing postexposure requirements, including cleaning and disinfecting 
  • provided toolbox and training materials to guide you to maintain your COVID-19 Prevention Plan

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