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Innovation Discovery Framework: Future Template

Ken Darby November 16, 2021

The fourth quadrant of the Innovation Discovery Framework is Future. The future is full of uncertainty and risk that can have a major impact on your business. When you prepare for the future, you can identify ways to mitigate risks and uncover ways to take advantage of new potential opportunities. How can you look toward the future to anticipate what is happening in your industry that is not yet on your radar?
With stories and examples from business owners, Karen will introduce the concepts of “seeing around corners” and “scanning for blind spots.” These concepts are designed to radically shift your thinking about potential futures, to see vulnerabilities, and to spark innovation ideas. 

This lesson completes the fourth quadrant of the Innovation Discovery Framework. You can always reference the framework in your workbook and keep referring to it with your team!

Course workbook:

After watching the video lesson, you will be asked to complete the Scanning for Blind Spots and Seeing Around Corners exercises on pages 9, 10, and 11.

Watch the video:

Key takeaways:

  • Change is going to happen.  
  • Identify what is happening in your industry that is not yet on your radar.
  • Consider how technology, public health, and the environment might affect your company in the future. 


For an exceptional example of a company that anticipated the future wisely, watch this YouTube video of MX3D’s 3D-printed smart bridge.

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