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Health and Illness Assessment Copy

The focus of the next section of your COVID-19 prevention plan (CPP) is to document your health and illness assessments. In this lesson’s video, Pamela Isom will share real-life examples and pro tips on creating a seamless method. You will then complete the assessments in your course workbook and download a sample health assessment that you can use at your worksite. 

Pro tip: Create a seamless method. Ensure that if a “yes” response is triggered, the information quickly gets to the right person in charge.

Watch the video:

Key takeaways:

  • There are multiple ways to do health and illness assessments at your workplace.
  • As an organization, decide the best way to implement your daily health assessment and document it on your CPP
  • You can use Quick Response (QR) codes, text messages, or printed forms. QR codes are used as a contactless way of interacting with employees.
  • In addition to the assessment format, decide who will implement your health screenings, whether you will work with an outside organization or your HR department, and what tools you will use for daily health checks; for example, thermometers or return-to-work kits.

Course Workbook: Complete the health and illness assessment on pages 12 and 13.


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