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This last lesson will give a better understanding of exposure control plans for COVID-19 and bloodborne pathogens. There are two videos in this lesson. Let’s dive in. 

Exposure control for COVID-19:

As an employer, you are required to designate a person responsible for COVID-19 processes and procedures to manage an employee developing symptoms at your workplace. These policies will also be part of your COVID-19 prevention plan (CPP). Do your employees know who to contact if they experience symptoms? What procedures will they follow? 

In your plan, make sure to note who has overall authority and responsibility for implementing your plan in your workplace. All managers and supervisors are responsible for implementing and maintaining the plan in their assigned work areas. They ensure that employees receive answers to questions about the program.

In this video, Pamela Isom will discuss these requirements and offer her guidance on how to complete this section of your plan.

Watch the video:

Key takeaways:

  • If you believe you have been exposed to a respiratory pathogen, or develop any respiratory symptoms after an unprotected exposure, immediately contact your manager, supervisor, or other designated person in charge of safety and security.


  1. Review returntowork guidelines on page 40 of your course workbook to implement a similar plan for your workplace. 
  2. Edit your CPP template, page 27, based on your organization’s return to work procedures. 

Exposure control for bloodborne pathogen:

This next video will share the CDC guidelines on what to do in case of potential bloodborne virus exposure. 

Watch the video:

Key takeaways:

Follow the CDC recommendations if there has been exposure to a bloodborne pathogen: 

  • Provide immediate care to the exposure site.  
  • Wash wounds and skin with soap and water. 
  • Flush mucous membranes with water.
  • Irrigate eyes with clean water or saline. 
  • Immediately contact your manager, supervisor, or other designated person in charge of safety and security.

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