Disaster Preparedness Basics

PG&E is passionate about safety and even more committed to ensuring diverse businesses are prepared to stay as a strong link in the supply chain. Let’s get prepared with industry expert Pamela Isom.
Pamela Isom · January 15, 2021

Course Description:

Is your business prepared for the disruption and chaos of a major disaster? It is not if, but when a disaster will affect your business. It may be easy to dismiss the unthinkable, but it can happen to your business. A company that has taken the time to plan for unforeseen circumstances has a substantial resource to weather the storm. In this first module of Disaster Preparedness from PG&E’s Technical Assistance Program (TAP), you will learn the fundamentals of preparing your business for different types of disaster disruption, ensuring a clear way forward for your organization and making sure that your customers can rely on you to deliver despite extraordinary circumstances.

Our expert-led courses build confidence and bring valuable tools and expertise that can be applied in your business today. During this course, you will gain increased awareness of disaster preparedness. You will leave with a methodology to analyze your risk and define your action steps to protect your business and your customer’s business with resources and downloadable checklists. 

Course Goals:

  • Introduce disaster preparedness. 
  • Learn why disaster preparedness is crucial for your business. 
  • Learn steps to design, build, and execute your disaster preparedness action plan. 
  • Gain practical, easy-to-apply strategies to manage your business before, during, and after a disaster. 
  • Learn about additional resources to stay up-to-date with your disaster preparedness planning.

Downloadable Takeaways:

  • Easy to use checklists
  • Additional resources
  • Business impact analysis (BIA) workbook
Disaster Preparedness Speaker- Pam

Course Instructor: Pamela Isom, CEO & President of ICE Safety Solutions

Since she was a young girl, Pam had one focus: “To be sure no one around her became ill, injured, or would lose a life.” Her life-changing moment came when she used her CPR skills to save her father when he suffered from heart failure! Fast-forward twenty-one years, ICE Safety Solutions is a nationally ranked safety company executing innovative and transformational safety plans, training, and equipment in emergency response planning, training, evacuation, active shooter, natural disasters, and medical emergencies.

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Course Includes

  • 7 Sections
  • 15 Lessons
  • 4 Quizzes
  • Course Certificate

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